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Boca Flasher has held a stellar reputation developing lighting system technologies and manufacturing for a myriad of clients since 1995. Ranging from private residential  projects to corporate, institutional and exhibitions. Visit our gallery!

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The difference... Boca Flasher is a US based, minority owned LED Lighting Systems technology, design and manufacturing facility. Our focus is our customers. Collaborating and implementing the BEST solutions for each individual project. We proudly offer our services:

  • Custom Technical Drawings
  • State-of-the-Art Automation Technology
  • On Site Testing Facility
  • Manufacturing Stringent Quality Control
  • On Site Customer Service & Repair




Boca Flasher offers products that incorporate a variety of our patented technologies. Providing lighting solutions for Wall Grazing, Wall  Washing, Flood Lighting, Cove, Task & Direct Lighting needs. We even have Under Water illumination solutions. All of our products are proudly manufactured in the USA and meet the highest standards while achieving energy efficiency and meeting all  LED regulatory compliance.

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LED Lighting is by Far the Most Green-Oriented Source of Illumination

There is a growing awareness of the energy-efficiency benefits of LEDs, and an adoption trend should continue through the end of the decade. The U.S. Department of Energy has, especially since 2005, spent millions of dollars intended to progress the growth of LED lighting.

Environmental Protection Agency – Green Power


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